Lengthen, strengthen and tone your body, improve posture, muscle tone & learn to breathe efficiently and effectively. Pamela certified as a Hatha Yoga & Meditation Teacher in 2001 and has been passionately teaching ever since.

In 2003 Pamela certified as a Pilates instructor both mat, reformer and specialist populations.
Pamela has a keen interest in the specialist population, her students range in age from 4 to 85. Her classes are tailored to meet her clients’ needs, regardless of their ability and she works to ensure each person reaches their individual goals.

As a mother of four daughters, Pamela has a wealth of experience in pre- and postnatal Pilates and Yoga. She was very fortunate to work and train under Trish Malone (part of Janet Bilaska’s active birth movement). 

In 2012, Pamela moved. with her family to Canada for 18 months. Pamela had the opportunity to train with international leaders in the industry, deepening her Yoga, Barre and Pilates practise.

Pamela started club swimming from a young age and so her love of health and fitness started. 

Pamela is still an open water swimming and strongly believes that her movement background has improved her swimming technique, proprioception, helping her to maximise her breath, reduce her risk of injury and keep calm and focused in competition.


“Pamela’s classes are invigorating and always varied. She builds on core strength and differentiates for all levels of ability.

She communicates instructions really well and motivates you to do things you might have thought impossible. Her gift is wonderful energy, gentle motivation and natural ability to guide you through a varied workout with the promise of a fantastic meditation at the end! I always feel energised after her class.”

“I’ve been attending Pam’s classes for almost 10 years. She is such a natural teacher. She works you hard during challenging and fun classes.

Pam gives very clear instructions on positions/postures. Her love of Pilates, Yoga, dance and meditation  are all embraced in her.”

“Pamela is a very talented lady who is passionate about what she does.

She pays close attention to her clients placing lots of emphasis on form and technique. A wonderful Pilates instructor.”

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